A good home office work environment means you’ll work more efficiently and will be more likely to enjoy working at home. It can be an “extension” of your home where your kids and other family members can take advantage of the familial closeness that working at home can provide. Above all it should be warm, cozy and inviting because chances are, you may be spending many late nights there!

Second Set of Hands can help you pull it all together:

  • Define your workspace
  • Create a Plan
  • Put some “Home” in your Home office design
  • Organize your home office, reference materials, files, supplies etc
  • Choose new or existing furniture that is both stylish and functional
  • Wall hangings
  • Select paint colors
  • Choose blinds & window coverings for privacy, lighting and draft control
  • Insure adequate lighting
  • Purchase & install equipment
  • Flooring

Top it all off by adding personal touches and reflections of your own personality. Almost any size area can function as a workspace. The point is to make it comfortable, and efficient. On a budget? No problem! We can use or shift existing furnishings or purchase second-hand.

Contact us to see how we can be of service to you.