The Care Your Pet Deserves While You’re Away…

We here at Second Set of Hands love pets! We have several ourselves and we understand that they are truly a “part of the family” and deserve to be treated with love, dignity and respect.

We believe your animal feels most comfortable in your home because it is his/her home too, you know how happy it makes you to sleep in your own bed and shower in your own bathroom? 
The same is true for your pet. He/she can sleep in their own bed, drink from their own bowl, and play with their own toys. Familiar smells and noises are comforting to animals, just as they are to humans. This is especially important if your pet gets anxious in new places or is fearful of other animals.

By choosing our Pet Nanny Service, you receive years of solid experience (including blind and deaf animals), plenty of references and you can be certain that our attention will be 100% focused on your pet’s happiness, health and safety.

Available on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Our Pet Nanny Services Include

  • Drop-in visits
  • Animal welfare check
  • Potty Break for dogs
  • Daily walks/exercise
  • Fresh water and food
  • Play and romp time
  • Snuggle time
  • Administer medicine if needed
  • Treat time
  • Wash pet bowls
  • Clean up any messes/litter box/kennel
  • Happily accommodate special requests
  • Every visit will generate a photo and report to the owner.

Call to schedule a “Meet & Greet” with you and your pet(s)!

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