Rave to Pet Nanny of Winterset. Cindy El-Awar took care of our pets and plants when we left for vacation and she did a tremendous job! She went above and beyond when our donkeys escaped their pasture. She was able to get them back in and fixed the fence like a pro. We highly recommend her for your pet care needs or if you need a second set of hands.

Brittany Gilliatt, Winterset

Nanny has been amazing with all of our critters! 3 dogs, 1 inside cat, 1 outside cat and a bird. I didn’t worry about any of them at all. She sent me updates usually from every visit every day which I loved getting! I was so thankful for her and the amazing service she has provided! I’ll be calling her again.

Cindy Frank, Winterset

Cindy watered my plants and flowers while I was out of town for a week, and everything looked great when I returned. Nice to know I can leave town and have someone to call for help while I’m gone!

Julie Feirer, Winterset, Iowa

Cindy has been loving our two four-leggers for some time now and we have never been happier. It’s such a comfort to know they are safe in their home environment with someone that appreciates and cares for them as much as we do. Both dogs absolutely love her and she’s so involved with every detail of their comfort and happiness when we’re away. When we leave we don’t have to stress about whether the dogs are comfortable and she gives them so much love and attention they probably don’t even notice we’re gone. She even watered our flowers while we were away! Would recommend Cindy to anyone who loves and appreciates their pets.

Gjb Cloke, Winterset, Iowa

The house looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much!!!

Adele Versteeg, Earlham, Iowa

Thank you for everything! We truly appreciate the updates and knowing that Olive is in such good care with you!

Chris and Paula Portz, Winterset, Iowa

Cindy is a wonderful and awesome person and services’ provider for many tasks and needs. She is observant and attentive in personalizing her service — completely capable of standing in for you if you are unable or anytime when you need help. She first helped us with taking care of our cute outdoor Kitty when we were out of town. I also called her for many household tasks crucial during times of being out of town. She has been invaluable assistance to us — so knowledgeable. She makes you feel like family in all that she does for you! I do not hesitate to highly recommend her and encourage you to call upon her. You’ll be glad and pleased. Much appreciation to Cindy!

Lisa and Greg Reymann, Winterset, Iowa

We got in last night. Cats and house look great. Thanks for all your help. We are thankful to have a reliable and good petsitter. Happy New Year.

Daryl and Shan Sasser, Winterset, Iowa

Dear Cindy,
All the best of life to you at Christmas and in 2020. Thank you so much for your help throughout the year. You take such good care of us and our home, we’re grateful for you and Sebastien and glad to know you both.

Dr. and Mrs. Versteeg, Earlham, IA

Cindy is reliable, makes sure our dogs get what they need, loves pets. Our dogs loved her. While we were on vacation was sent daily pictures and videos, which I truly enjoyed. Cindy is a keeper for watching our dogs. Thanks again.

Sherry Miner, Mille, Chester, Paco; Winterset, Iowa

Fast, efficient, effective and professional! Can handle practically any business need!

Albert Wilkerson, Winterset, IA

As an owner of a corporate housing company, Cindy El-Awar has been a fantastic asset! From housekeeping to hanging décor to guest relations, she takes pride in all she does and it shows! Always on time, reliable, consistent and thorough–Cindy goes above and beyond to get the job done! If you need a second set of hands, call on Cindy!

Many thanks to Cindy and her team for their professionalism and great work!

Krista Guiter, Hunter Temporary Housing, Winterset, IA

They are good dogs. We don’t travel much, but such a relief to know you are so good to them. You better always stay nearby… never move away! How’s that for pressure!!!

Connie Tadlock, Winterset, IA

We were so blessed when Cindy joined our team of caregivers 3 years ago. She is kind, compassionate, a most valuable asset in caring for people. 
She is honest, takes initiative, and I never ever worried on my days off because I knew our little lady was in the ever loving insightful care of Cindy. I will gladly give a glowing reference to anyone who considers hiring her. 

Jean Saf, Winterset, IA

Thank you for making everything sparkle!!!

Marianne Fons, Winterset, IA

Cindy is a true blessing to any mom struggling to balance it all. My beagles love their time with her, and I appreciate the video and text updates she sends during her visits. It gives me peace of mind that they are so well cared for while I’m away. She is quick to respond and always friendly, reliable and professional. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an extra hand with their furry family members. Thanks, Cindy!

Samantha Borcherding, Winterset, IA

Cindy is amazing. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL lady and she worked miracles on a house that had not been cleaned for years. ABSOLUTELY the best. SHE IS amazing and her entire crew are Awesome. LOVE it all. CAN NOT say enough good. I WOULD recommend her for any job. WILL NOT forget the stress this took off me. 
GOD BLESS YOU CINDY and your special crew.

Melody Black, Lorimor, IA

We highly recommend Cindy! It is evident that she loves our pets as if they were her own, and they obviously love her right back! She is extremely reliable, professional, and thoughtful. We love receiving all of the videos and pictures of our pets while we are away. We have found a true treasure!

Luann and Pete Gilman , Winterset, IA

Cindy has been wonderful! We appreciate her help on our busy days with taking care of our dog. She treats our dog like he’s her own and now he loves her. Cindy always informs us when she has visited with our dog and she is extremely reliable. Thanks you Cindy!

Brian and Robin West, Winterset, IA

Cindy is awesome! She made us feel so at ease about going out of town and leaving our cat Charlie in her care. She went above and beyond, always sending us updates. She is so professional. I felt like she was a trusted life long friend from the moment we met. Thanks for everything Cindy! It will be hard to find someone like you in Washington!

Rachel Schepler, Winterset, IA

She was wonderful with our pets and would recommend to anyone! She takes the time to make them comfortable and videos while u are away to show how they are doing! Highly recommend

Robert Swanson, Winterset

Dear Cindy… Thank you for getting my house in ship-shape order. It was so nice to come home from work to have everything shiny and clean! I was able to enjoy my home and to relax in my free time instead of feeling like I needed to be picking something up or cleaning. I appreciate you and your efforts SO much! Thanks again,

Jean Bosch, Winterset, IA

I have a difficult dog and two shy cats that absolutely love the care that Cindy provides them when we are out of town. it’s comforting to know that my furry babies are taken care of and happy as evidenced by the pictures and videos I receive while away.

Anneline van Benthem , Winterset, IA

Cindy is a Godsend! Her professionalism, thoroughness and attention to detail is top notch! Plus….she’s sweet as pie! Will most certainly work with her again and again and again. Thank you Second Set of Hands! You’re the BEST!

Beverly Evans Kay, Winterset, IA

Cindy is amazing at what she does. mom and I loved seeing updates of our cats while we were gone but new they were in fabulous hands. she even kept checking our litter box to see if it needed changed. she is reasonably priced for Everything she does. deffinantly would recommend her to anyone with pets who need to go out of town for a trip or something. I know she has my families business for a long time to come.

Dawn and Rebecca Tish, Winterset, IA

Cindy has been a true blessing!! I go on several flyfisfing trips all year. I had to cancel a few until we found Cindy!! Gunther and Gulliver love her, as you can see in her videos. Have 14 trips planned this year and don’t have to worry about my boys!!! Thank you so much Cindy!!

Barbara Turner , Winterset, IA

You did such a great job yesterday Cindy, the house needed your TLC so badly! Will definitely be contacting you again! I would assume you wouldn’t mind me sharing how much I appreciated your work?

Rhonda and Jeff, Winterset, IA

she is amazing!! My babies love her!!

Brenda Ericsson Hanson, Winterset, IA

Reliable, trustworthy, and professional! We are lucky to have such a great resource in our little town! Love getting videos of my puppy while I’m working. She always lets me know if something isn’t quite right too. Definitely recommend!

Alexis Roberts, Winterset, IA

Cindy went above and beyond what a pet care giver would do. We needed someone to stay overnite a couple nights with our dog who is on comfort care. She drove from winterset to west des moines as a favor to stay over night. She did so many other things for us that we didn’t ask of her…but most of all, She made our dog feel safe, loved and happy. Great lady, loves animals. Thank you So much!

Sheila Moen, Des Moines, IA

We are so glad to have found Cindy! We welcomed a new puppy right at the end of the school year and needed someone to help us let her out and make her feel comfortable in her new home. Cindy agreed at very short notice and took wonderful care of both our our dogs. We loved the pictures and could tell they were both extremely happy and well cared for. We would recommend her to any family needing some extra help with their furry loved ones.

Paige Knotts, Winterset, IA

Cindy doubled our expectations and then some. Her personal care and time spent with our puppy was fantastic!

Aaron and Mary Chambers, Winterset, IA

I have recently had the opportunity to have Bert and Ernie taken care of by Miss Pet Nanny. I was very impressed with her professionalism and caring of my dogs. It made my vacation more enjoyable and relaxing knowing that my pets were in good hands and well taken care. I enjoyed receiving daily photos of Bert and Ernie on daily walks. My favorite had to be the one where my pets looked like they were taking Pet nanny for a walk. I would highly recommend Cindy and her staff for any of your pet needs.

Ron Jacobsen, Winterset, IA

Cindy is an amazing person! She works super hard, and always does a great job! We had her take care of a couple of things in one of our rentals … wonderful job! We certainly know who to call if we need some help with jobs! 
Be sure to give her a call yourself when you find a need! You won’t be sorry!

Bob and Linda Duff, Covered Bridge Realty, Winterset, IA

Cindy is the best pet sitter that I could find, she loves and takes care of my Layka. I have no words to describe the amount of love that Cindy has to take care of my loved pet. I am waiting to get Cindy take care of my dog and my new puppy in the near future. Thanks for your service Cindy!

Alicia Cartin, Winterset, IA

Second set of Hands is a wonderful new business for Winterset. The owner, Cindy, is available to do most anything such as picking up from the DM airport, cleaning, planting flowers, shopping, etc.-whatever you need help with, she will do ! Not only is she helpful but she is also very nice and honest. I highly recommend her services.

Becky Coplan Halligan

Very dependable. kept us up to date while we were away came home to happy and unstressed kitties.

Thomas Koehler, Winterset, IA

I would highly recommend this business. Cindy is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and so efficient. Quality and care are TOP NOTCH

Jean Saf, Winterset, IA

Cindy helped with a fundraising event at our home. Reliable, capable did what needed to be done. Saw what needed to be done! Kind and cute too. We are fans. 

Andree Sandahl, Winterset, IA

My husband and I moved to Winterset, Iowa 2 years ago and were looking for a business to help us out with cleaning, yard work, and animal care. We just so happened to find a Second Set of Hands business card at True Value and we are so glad we did! The owner Cindy is amazing at everything we have used her company for such as yard work (always leaving our yard looking so nice and clean), cleaning our house which she always does a brilliant job at leaving our house spotless, but what has us really wowed is how great and attentive she is to our 4 fur babies. It is very hard now a days to trust people to watch your beloved animals let alone trust them with a key to your house, but she is definitely great about handling our animals and respecting our house. My animals are always happy to see her and have come to expect lots of treats and snuggles when she babysits. Second Set of Hands is a great business and we are so lucky they are in our town!

Lauren Boersma, Winterset, IA

Thank you so much for getting that weeding done. It looks great- I am impressed! You must have a good back that allows you to do that bending. 
I would like to call you again for some cleaning in the house we are moving out of. Have a good weekend- 

Connie Tadlock, Winterset, IA

THANK YOU! Everything looks amazing. Thank you so much.

Jessica Matlage, Winterset, IA

The following reviews are from happy clients in our former business location of Yorktown, VA:

Cindy is an awesome person! She helped care for my puppy Vesta when I had surgery. She is terrific with pets and will treat them as her own.

Connally Ray Eaton III

Couldn’t ask for a more compassionate person to watch after your animals while you are out doing your daily duties.

Staff Sargeant Brian Pearce, U.S. Army

I found out about Second Set of Hands via a community publication. I conacted the owner Cindy El-Awar to set up an appointment to discuss my needs and to obtain an estimate. I am a widow so I was a bit nervous about inviting a stranger into my home however, Cindy set me at ease almost immediately. She is warm, friendly and enthusiastic about her work. 

Cindy took notes and photos of the areas that needed attention. We spent approximately 45 minutes together. 

Cindy suggested we drive together to Lowe’s outdoor garden to look at various plants, shrubs and flowers. We walked around for some time discussing what would not only look good but what she thought would thrive in my gardens, flower boxes and pots. (Some would be new installations and others would be replacements). 

Other duties were to blow off my deck, wash it with suds and a broom, dig up and dispose of (2) existing rose bushes, sand and re-paint my oriental décor in my garden, put out my lawn furniture and hang my personal flag at a new location. 

It was a hot summer day but it didn’t slow Cindy down! She never took a break or left the job site until her duties were complete. Her work was excellent and her attitude was pleasant at all times. 
Many individuals I contacted for service in the past insisted I sign long term contracts. Not Cindy. Just tell her what you would like to have accomplished and she will take care of it. It is that simple! 
I am so happy I contacted Second Set of Hands. I know that I can trust Cindy. She does what she says and says what she does. How refreshing! 

Sincerely, Mrs. Wilson

Cindy. Robert and I would like to thank you for assisting us with our past due accounts. As you are well aware some of the accounts were as old as (2) years. My husband and I had pretty much given up on ever collecting any money from these customers. We had tried everything we knew to do. Quite frankly I found it so stressful that after a while it just wasn’t worth my time and effort anymore. Once you stepped in things began to turn around. Before long our small business had collected 75% of the monies owed us. Thank you for taking control of an out of control situation.

P.T. Exterminating

Second Set of Hands has been supporting our household for the past 7 years. Cindy has virtually moved into our home on numerous occasions to help in our absence. One Halloween while Cindy was staying at the house we asked her to put out all of our Halloween decorations. She did a great job. She also handed out candy to the neighborhood children! 

Her housekeeping is impeccable, her landscaping skills are both creative and thorough, and her pet care is the best! Our dogs Annabelle and Tasha loved her. (Tasha was blind and nearly deaf so she required extra care and patience.) While we were away Cindy would update us daily and send photos of the dogs. (She gave us (6) beautifully framed photos of the dogs for Christmas). When Annabelle and Tasha passed away Cindy was one of the first calls we made. We cried together…. 

We have since gotten a new fur baby named Roxy. Needless to say Cindy and Roxy get on great! 
I have the upper most respect for Cindy and the company she has worked so hard to build. 
Only regret that Steve and I did not find her sooner!

Steve and Suzi Shoemaker

Dear Cindy & Staff,
My Mother and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us get organized and cleaned up after the recent Nor Easter.  When you arrived you asked us to take a deep breath. You immediately took control by photographing the outside of our premises, showing and documenting the damage and flooding which had occurred. You and your team separated the damaged from the undamaged property and placed it in the best possible order for the insurance adjuster’s examination.  You compiled and collated a room by room inventory of the damaged goods. You even assisted us in locating the manufacturer’s name, date of purchase, appraisals and more!

The clean-up outdoors was swift and thorough. Everything piled neatly at curbside. 
After you and your team cleaned and sanitized our home it was hard to imagine we had even been flooded!

Times like these can be frightening. It can be overwhelming. It is hard to know who to trust.
We are so glad we found Second Set of Hands.

Mr and Mrs Woodard

The owner Cindy is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. She treats my 2 huskies like her very own. They always get really excited when she comes over to care for them. She does more than just feed and walk them. She plays with them, gives them lots of attention and truly keeps them company. You will never have to worry about your pets when you are out of town. I’m very particular about them and she never disappoints. I highly recommend her for pet care. I’ve also had her clean my home. I was so impressed by how thorough and detailed she was. My house looked brand new! If you live in or around Winterset look no further. I can’t say enough good things about this company.

Sarah Pearce, Yorktown

Cindy is a Dynamo with endless energy and a focus which is unmatched.

D. Tustin, Newport News

We hired Second Set of Hands to mow and trim our yard. They have done so for the past (3) seasons. Always on time and always done right. 

Although my husband and I are both retired and enjoy working outdoors, it has become more difficult and dangerous as we have grown older. We have a large piece of property. (Our former yard guy used a riding lawnmower). Cindy used a push mower to do the job. (She always stored (2) mowers, (2) blowers and (2) trimmers in her work van just in case any one of them developed an issue during the job). The job took her almost 2 hours. I never saw her rest or leave the job until she was done. She always blew clean my driveway, walkways, patio and entrance to my front door at no charge. 

When my husband and I traveled, we would write out a monthly schedule for Cindy. She never missed a beat. She even took the initiative to place our trash cans out on the curb for collection and return the next day to pull them back in! This is just who she is. She treats our home as if it were her own. Cindy is a very hard worker and takes pride in everything she does.

Libby Smyth, Edgehill Subdivision

What can we say? Second set of hands has been a tremendous help to my retired husband and I. Whether it is mowing the lawn, planting flowers or providing seasonal clean-ups we know we can always count on Second Set of Hands to take care of it in a timely, professional and affordable manner. We can just sit back and enjoy our beautiful surroundings……

Joan Casteallow, Kiln Creek Subdivision

I have always wanted to set up a home office. The problem was that I had no idea how to go about it. A friend of mine told me about Second Set of Hands. I called and spoke with Cindy the owner/operator. Within (24) hours she and I were curled up in chairs discussing everything from the natural flow of my home to my favorite colors. I talked and Cindy listened and took notes. She took care of every single detail with confidence and ease. I did not have to lift a finger. I am just thrilled with my new home office! It is perfect for me and my family. Honestly. It is one of the best investments I have ever made personally or professionally.

Mrs. Flare, Kiln Creek Subdivision

As a bachelor I am used to working 50+ hours per week. Second Set of Hands continues to keep my household in order and happy to return home to. Cindy keeps my mail organized, pays bills, runs errands, stocks my fridge and heads off the unexpected. I don’t know how I could manage without them.

Roger Edwards, Newport News

Cindy. Thank you so much for escorting Mom to her various appointments recently. It is so nice to know that I have someone like you to help when I need it. Mom thinks the world of you.

Elizabeth Morrison, Poquoson

The work you did in preparation on the sale of our home was great. You understood how tight our budget was and you respected that. The changes you made to our home were charming. Honestly, I had no idea our home had such potential. There were times when I had second thoughts about moving simply because everything looked so nice! My favorite spot was the garden. I am going to miss sitting out there each morning with my cup of coffee. Thank you for helping to make our transition a success. We could not have done it without Second Set of Hands.

R. El-Banna and Family

Dear Ms. Cindy
It is so nice to be able to call upon Second Set of Hands whenever my (90) year old husband and I have a problem around the house. It is hard to know who to trust these days.

First of all may I say that you did a wonderful job painting the garage door. It looks brand new!
Fixing the lock on our gate made us feel a lot safer and looks so much better than the large rock we had leaning up against it to keep it closed. 

My husband and I both knew that when we asked you to replace some of the old damaged pickets on our fence that it would be a challenge trying to match the original stain color. However with your determination it came out beautifully. 

Thank you for helping us to sort through things and organize our garage. We had accumulated so much over the years. (It was difficult to even get our car inside). We were amazed at how much debris you hauled away! 

Finally Cindy I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for locating and returning my husband’s Bible. I had no idea that it was amongst all the debris I asked you to drop off at the landfill! Old and ripped up, you somehow new to bring it back home to us. We are so grateful…..

God Bless,
Mr. and Mrs. Martin

Second Set of Hands has been hanging our outdoor Christmas lights for the past 5 years. 
I am a commercial pilot who fly’s internationally for United Airlines and due to my unpredictable schedule I decided to contract this “honey do” out. My wife Tanya is very particular about her Christmas decorations and so finding the right company was vital! Cold, wind or snow Cindy was on the job installing or removing the lights. 

Oh by the way, a special thank you to Scott for noticing and repairing the missing shingles on the roof at no additional fee! I highly recommend Second Set of Hands. Their professionalism and attention to detail is unmatched.

The Braves Family

Dear Mrs. El-Awar

Thank you for stopping by this week. I felt kind of foolish calling for assistance with putting in my window screens. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if Second Set of Hands even did such a thing! 
With my husband deployed, and just my daughter and I here at our new home we just could not figure out how to do it.

You came in and went right to work. You demonstrated how to place and secure the screens. You stood by while I did it myself and once you were comfortable that I knew what I was doing you shook my hand, thanked me for calling Second Set of Hands and said there would be “No Charge”.
My family and I will not forget your kindness…..

The Cox Family